TOM, the First Electric Foldable Scooter

Meet TOM, the first electric scooter that you can easily fold and carry around with you. 

On Kickstarter this spring.

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Designed to meet the needs
of who is always on the move

Full electric

Are you ready for a new travel philosophy?

At To Move we develop innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions that meet new travel needs.
You are the center of what we do.




Max speed*


Total weight

Made with bamboo, and aluminium.


It easily fits in the back of your car.


Designed and made entirely in Italy.


With covers that you can swap, matching your style.


It's a scooter. It's a bike. The best of both worlds.

TOM is one of a kind. It feels light, it folds and unfolds fast and can even recharge you when you need it. It's a simple and brilliant new companion.

It feels as little an electric scooter, but it's actually much more - while being less than one meter in height.

It's designed for tall raiders to be able to run, and perfect for shorter people to comfortably handle all parts of the vehicle.

Pull the bar, lift up the handle, hear the "click," and... go!
You won't believe how easy it is as you unfold it the first time.

We know how painful long rides can be. We got you covered: the seat is converted in synthetic leather that guarantees the softest feeling at any time.


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All your stats, in the easisest place to check

There's nothing easier to pull up your phone and check out the location of your TOM. Verifying its battery, whether it's charging or not.

We brought all of this within the ToMove App. Easy.

Join our journey
to redefine mobility

Mobility is changing across all instances of our daily lives. Lots of solutions out there, but none of them seems to give us what we need while being flexible, agile, and sustainable.

So here's where TOM comes into play: the perfect vehicle to unlock full-intermodal transportation. It comes in the shape of a sleek scooter that you can ride like a an electric bike, and transport in the trunk of your city car.

Say hello to TOM.

He can't wait to meet you.


"TOM is a genius product that wasn't here before. It's the scooter we all were missing: powerful, portable and with a great design."

Andrea Galeazzi
Tech and Transportation YouTuber


We are gearing up
for Kickstarter this spring.

Are you ready to ride?

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*Maximum speed can be re-programmed according to regulations

**The shell can be customised based on client's design

TOM will be available only
on Kickstarter
this Spring

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Prices will start at $2.290 (instead of $2.999).

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